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" Don't think the world owes you anything because the world owes you nothing."

Good evening, folks! Right now, i will make a film review about one of my favorite movies. It's Joy. This film is about drama and biography. Joy came out in December 2015 and has a 6,6/10 rating. The duration of this film is about 124 minutes and it took 60 millions dollars to make this film!

The casts of Joy are Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Edgar Ramirez, and many more. My favorite one is Jennifer Lawrence because she has so many experience of being an artist and she also has very good performances in every films that she played.

Now, let's take a look :
First, Joy is a film that directed by David O.Russell. This movie tells a story about the life journey of a housewife who came from Long Island, namely Joy Mangano. Be a single mom surely need a sacrifice, where she has to take care of her two children and also has to keep her house safe and comfortable for her c…

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